Action Items:

CZCP Work Plan Meeting, August 27-28, 2013:

Coastal Zone Community of Practice (CZCP) Core Group Telecon

Monday, February 22, 2010
15:30 - 17:00 UTC
Agenda (Version 0.1 of 2010-2-20 1:20)


1 Assessment of the process and consequences of the Workshop Series:

  • Are we achieving what we wanted?
  • If not, what have we achieved so far?
  • Could we have organized the past workshops better?
  • Are there some concrete post workshop activities that need to be done?

2 Puerto Rico Workshop: Status and next steps

3 Cairo Workshop: Status and next steps

4 What is the structure and membership of the CZCP?

5 CZCP membership: How to handled EoIs and Membership applications?

  • How does one join? Is the 'You and the CZCP'-page sufficient? Inputs received so far are available here .
  • How do we get the most from the CZCP membership?
  • What positive feedback can occur to maintain the program and help it grow?
  • CZCP mailing list: What activities are needed? Proposal: (simple) E-mail newsletter is being sent out every three months by the co-chairs, informing on the CZCP members/interested about the status, current activities, and updated plans. The newsletter would accept input from all members.

6 Should we engage in AIP-3, and, if yes, how should we engage?
More information on AIP-3 is available at GEO-AIP-3 . Note that under the SBA Water, there is a scenario on algae bloom, which could be of interest for us.

7 What document should the CZCP produce?

  • The IGOS Coastal Zone Theme Report and the White Paper for OceanObs 09 are examples of useful documents.
  • Are there others that we should be developing? Updated Theme Report? A State of the CZ-Report?

8 How do we attract financial and other support for our efforts?

  • We need to entrain policy makers and/or relevant issues into the workshops. Can the GEO Secretariat help with this?
  • Are we "a success story of communities of practice"?
  • Should we establish a "roadmap" for the CZCP? Should this be done in a CZCP Workshop? When?

Agenda prepared by Hans-Peter Plag

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