Action Items:

CZCP Work Plan Meeting, August 27-28, 2013:

Coastal Zone Community of Practice (CZCP) Work Plan Meeting

NOAA, Silver Spring
Wednesday, June 9, 2010
09:30 - 18:00 EST
Agenda (Version 0.9 of 2010- 6- 9 6: 1)


1 09:30-09:45 Paul DiGiacomo: Welcome and Discussion of Agenda

2 09:45-10:15 Hans-Peter Plag: Review of Current Status and Actvities of the CZCP
The presentation is available as pdf .

3 10:15-10:45 Robert Christian and Jimmy Adegoke: Past CZCP Regional Workshops: Survey Results
Questionnaires have been sent to both the participants of the First (Athens) and Second (Cotonou) CZCP Regional Workshops. For both workshops, three questionnaires were returned. The answers are summarized separately for the Athens and Cotonou workshops.

4 10:45-12:00 Michael Bruno, Paul DiGiacomo, Robert Christian, Hans-Peter Plag, Doug Wilson, Peter Colohan: Future of the Workshop Series; including discussion of the next workshops
With respect to the Caribbean workshop to be held in Puerto Rico early in 2011, the presentation includes a few slides that describe the regional issues. Also, the CariCOOS should be consulted as a starting point for the discussion of the regional issues to be addressed during the workshop. Additional informative web postings are coastal and products .

In setting the date for the workshop, it has to be taken into account that ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting is on 13-18 February, 2011 in Puerto Rico.

5 12:00-13:00 Hans-Peter Plag and Peter Colohan: CZCP and GEO Tasks
A summary of the relations between CZCP and GEO activities, including the GEO Work Plan Tasks is available as pdf .

6 14:00-14:30 Paul DiGiacomo: The CZCP and other relevant organizations
The Coastal zone componnet of GOOS is discussed in the presentation by Paul DiGiacomo at the 2009 GEOSS in the Americas Meeting, see the meeting page or directly the presentation .

7 14:30-15:30 Tom Malone: Future CZCP activities: an open discussion
A brief overview will be given of the indicator-driven approach PICO is taking to formulate an action plan for implementing coastal GOOS/GEOSS globally. This will lead into a discussion of the "Regular Process" and the trans-Atlantic Lisbon Conference (October, 2010) that the will bring together representatives from funded initiatives for integrated ocean governance, ecosystem-based approaches, the regular process of marine ecosystem assessments, indicators of marine ecosystem health and GOOS (See the overview ). This will open the door for a discussion of how the CZCP and PICO could more effectively collaborate to the mutual benefit of both efforts and those engaged in the Lisbon conference. A summary of the approach being take by PICO in drafting an action plan for implementing coastal GOOS/GEOSS on a global scale is available as docs . Reference will be made to this document during the discussion of item 7.

8 15:30-16:30 Liana McManus: A CZCP Assessment of the State of Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Liana McManus has prepared a short paper with seed ideas. See docx or pdf . A relevant report is also the Assessment of Assessments Summary for Decision Makers (see pdf ).

9 16:30-17:00 Michael Bruno: Linking the CZCP to end users
Initial considerations concerning user lingage are included in the presentation given by Michael Bruno during the Athens workshop, see ppt . The overarching aims detailed in the extracted slides are still valid and a basis for the discussion.

A second document ( doc ) is an extract that contains some good ideas about generating user needs, gaps, requirements, and "buy-in". A major lesson learned in Athens was that we need that "buy-in" from the user communities at a sufficiently high level to ensure that something actually happens - meaning resources are actually invested at a local and/or regional scale. A bunch of academics assembled in a room just won't get it done.

10 17:00-17:30 Paul DiGiacomo and Hans-Peter Plag: The Draft Roadmap of the CZCP
A skeleton draft roadmap is available as doc .

11 17:30 - 17:45 Any Other Business

12 17:45 - 18:00 Summary of Action Items

Agenda prepared by Hans-Peter Plag

Note that these pages are no longer updated and only available for historical purposes.