Activities of the CZCP

Proposed Extensions of the SB-01 "Oceans and Society: Blue Planet" Task in the GEO Work Plan


Based on the discussions during the meeting of the CZCP on August 27-28, 2013 (see meeting page for details, the CZCP developed a proposal for a new component of the GEO Work Plan Task “SB-01 Oceans and Society: Blue Planet” and proposed several new activities for existing task components. The full proposal is available as doc. The proposal was submitted to the GEO Secretariat and Task Team together with responses to 10 questions asked by the Task Leads. These responses are available as doc.

Key points relate to the coastal zone component of GEO Blue Planet task:

  1. Local, land-based drivers (esp. nutrient pollution) contribute to acidification.
  2. The coastal zone is a priority because of important economic and health impacts.
  3. A Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network is in development with some connection to the Group on Earth Observations.

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