Action Items:

CZCP Work Plan Meeting, August 27-28, 2013:

Steering Committee 3rd Workshop, Puerto Rico Telcon

Monday, March 21, 2011
19:00 - 20:30 UTC
Agenda (Version 0.1 of 2011- 3-19 17:10)


1 Acceptance of Agenda

2 Information item: GEO Newsletter Report
Douglas Cripe and Hans-Peter Plag prepared a report to be published in the GEO Newsletter. The next issue of the Newsletter is scheduled to be published on March 21, 2011. The draft report, which will be edited by the GEO Secretariat is available as doc .

3 Discussion of the recommendation edits.
All comments and edits of the recommendations submitted so far were copied to everybody. A new version of the recommendations taking into account the edits is available as doc , pdf , doc with track changes .

4 Discussion of post-workshop activities
The workshop resulted in a number of proposed post-workshop activities that need to be started. The list of activities related to the recommendations includes:

  • GEO to invite UNWTO to become Participating Organization: Douglas Cripe after finalization of the recommendations
  • GEO Secretariat to initiate intergovernmental dialog: Douglas Cripe after finalization of the recommendations
  • A platform be created for a coordinated dialog with GEO and the CZCP: Hans-Peter Plag has set up an initial web page that could develop into a nucleus for such a platform. See . However, participation of the regional organization in developing this platform will be crucial.
  • A web-based information system for Coastal Zone issues be established: This is supposed to be a major activity of the CZCP over the next three years. Hans-Peter Plag has volunteered to prepare a first draft concept proposal. The idea is to populate the system initially with at least two regions with one being the Caribbean.
  • A pilot project be initiated to familiarize the regional users with GEO facilities: This pilot should by initiated by the CZCP, and it could actually be used to familiarize the broader CZCP community with GEO facilities and get feedback.
  • Arrangements be made for up-to-date presentations on GEOSS: This is already developing very well, with the first presentation to be given by Francesco Gaetani, GEO Secretariat.

Other post-workshop activities include:

  • Workshop report: If we decide to prepare a workshop report, then we need to decide on editor(s) who will have to solicit input. Likewise, we need to decide on the format (web-based, pdf, ...). The report would be published on the workshop web page.
  • Published brief reports: it was proposed to prepare reports/news articles/articles to be published in major journals of user and provider groups. Up to now, only the report for the GEO Newsletter has been published. We need to decide what other documents we want to prepare, and who will take responsibility for these.

5 Next Activities
We should decide on which activities the CZCP will focus on in the next months. The potential list includes:

  • The presentation of the CZCP at the DeltaNet Conference on the Impacts of Global Change on Deltas, Estuaries and Coastal Lagoons, to be held in the Ebro Delta (Catalonia, Spain) on June 6-10. See . Robert Christian will participate and present the CZCP. We might want to provide promotion material to him.
  • We need to develop to next workshop(s): Arctic region, and, potential, North Africa.
  • Concerning the CZWIS (Coastal Zone World Information System), we should investigate potential funding sources and key players.
  • CZCP Newsletter: We planned to start a newsletter in 2010, but did not manage to get it out. Should we reconsider? An alternative would be infrequent and more informal e-mails from the chairs to the CZCP community.

6 Any Other Business

7 Date and Time of next telecon(s)
Do we need more Steering Committee telecons? If so, what date and time for PR-18? We also should consider to take up CZCP Core Group telecons again. What date and time for that?

8 Summary of Action Items

Agenda prepared by Hans-Peter Plag

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