Action Items:

CZCP Work Plan Meeting, August 27-28, 2013:

Steering Committee 3rd Workshop, Puerto Rico Telcon

Friday, November 12, 2010
14:00 - 15:30 UTC
Agenda (Version 0.1 of 2010-11-11 20:39)


1 Agenda and Action Items of the last telecon
A list of Action Items is available here .

2 Status of Local Organization.

3 Workshop Announcement
The draft web announcement is available at . The announcement needs finalization. E-mail lists and other distribution channels for the announcement need to be compiled.

4 Status of pre-studies

5 Invitations of end users, sponsors, and other contacts to be established

6 Workshop budget and funding

7 Any Other Business

8 Summary of Action Items

Agenda prepared by Hans-Peter Plag

Note that these pages are no longer updated and only available for historical purposes.