Action Items:

CZCP Work Plan Meeting, August 27-28, 2013:

Coastal Zone Community of Practice (CZCP) Core Group Telecon

Monday, April 12, 2010
17:00 - 19:00 UTC
Agenda (Version 0.3 of 2010- 4-12 9:52)


1 Minutes of the last telcon
Minutes of the CZCP-CG-4 telecon are available as html . The minutes will not be reviewed but corrections can be requested.

2 Status of Action Items
A list of the Action Items including reports on the status is available as html . Only AIs not included explictly on the agenda will be discussed here.

3 Questionnaires for the survey of CZCP Regional Workshop Participants.
Robert Christian has made available a draft queationnaire for the survey of the participants in the Athens workshop. The questionnaire, available as doc will be discussed and hopefully finalized. Liana McManus provided some edits which are available as doc .

4 CZCP Work Plan Meeting
The date, location, and draft agenda for the WP meeting in May/June 2010 need to be decided.

5 Puerto Rico Workshop: Status and next steps

6 CZCP Session at the DeltaNet meeting, likely to be held in May 2011 in the Ebro Delta, Spain.
Carles Ibanez has offered to consider a dedicated CZCP session as part of the workshop. Robert Christian has volunteered as convener. Others will be needed in addition.

7 Next CZCP-CG Telecon
A date/time for a telecon in May needs to be decided.

8 Any Other Business
Hans-Peter Plag would like to raise the question of an Arctic Coastal Workshop in 2011.

9 Summary of Action Items

Agenda prepared by Hans-Peter Plag

Note that these pages are no longer updated and only available for historical purposes.