[29 May 2015] CZCP contributed to 2nd Blue Planet Symposium: The co-chairs of the CZCP chaired several sessions at the 2nd Blue Planet Symposium held on May 27-29, 2015 in Cairns, Australia, where progress, status, and future plans for several of the priority activities in Task Components 2 (for the CZCP, specifically, a mangrove monitoring service) and Component 4 (for the CZCP, specifically, interannual to decadal sea level forecasting, coastal water quality, and a global coastal zone information system) were discussed. The presentations given by the co-chairs are available for CZCP overview (keynotes, powerpoint), interannual to decadal sea level forecasting (keynotes, powerpoint), global coastal zone information system (keynotes, powerpoint), mangrove monitoring (keynotes, powerpoint), and Research Coordination Network OceanObs (keynotes, powerpoint).